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    Fair Warning
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    02.19.12 @ 12:38 PM
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    Saw Sammy last night at the Hard Rock for ongoing birthday bash. Mikey was there and rocked the house too. They even did "Runnin' with the Devil" which was awesome!!

    Played quite a few new songs as well:
    "The Big Square Inch"
    "Halfway to Memphis"
    "Whole Lotta Zep"
    "Things've Changed"
    I think he played one more new one as well.

    Lot's of Van Halen:
    "Top of the World"
    "Best of Both Worlds"
    "When It's Love"
    "Right Now"
    "Finish What You Started"
    I'm sure there was more.....damn memory!!!

    Other Sammy/Montrose I can remember from last night:
    "Your Love is Drivin' Me Crazy"
    "Mas Tequila"
    "I Can't Drive 55"
    "Heavy Metal"
    "One Way To Rock"
    "Space Station #5"
    "Bad Motor Scooter"

    In a nutshell, the show was a typical Sammy concert. Lot's of fun. Tons of great music. Always great to see Mikey having a blast with Sammy. Mikey lead us in singing "Happy Birthday" to Sam at the end of the show.

    Sammy said he was supposed to sing the national anthem at one of the World Series games in San Fran. So he ended up "testing" it on us last night. Sounded pretty damn good to me.
    "The sound of Van Halen was meant to spill out, all over your stereo and ruin the rest of your record collection "...David Lee Roth

    Check out one of the best bands to come out of Arizona. Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers.

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    Fair Warning, and 5150
    Favorite VH Song

    Outta love again, Humans Being
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    12.14.12 @ 07:13 PM
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    Just got home from Vegas...Saw Sammy Last night at the Hard Rock as well. Favorite moments for me were "Best of both worlds", Running with the Devil, complete with Mikey doing his teeth pickin' intro.

    Also, I was the dork waving my VOA and 5150 album covers for like the first 40 minutes of the show trying to get Sam to sign them. He finally did, of course because....yeah Sam cares about his fans. Also, thanks to all the cool Sammy fans who passed up my albums and then passed them back to me. How frickin' cool is that?

    This was the first time I took my wife to see Sammy (yeah she's only 23, and refers to Right Now as the "pepsi song"), but thats not the point. The point being, this was her first Sammy experience and was way too young to catch any of his previous career, and She has a blast!! She left the show very impressed, and rather spoiled because now she thinks every show will be this good. (the last concert I took her to, was Kiss on the never-ending farewell tour, which was also her first time seeing them.) Well, sadly I think every other concert will now be a let down........unless??

    Anyhow, another great show....had a blast. And Mikey seemed to be having the time of his life too. Absolutely loved his jamming with sam during Bad Motor scooter. Only let down.....well I couldn't help but miss/crave a certain other two muscians.

    Sam....your a class act....thanks for great memorable evening!!!
    If you shake my hand better count your fingers - Mustaine



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