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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    I was just sixteen, but man was I ready! I had been waiting a good long time... Hold on now, I am talking 'bout the first time I saw Van Halen! (But it is good to see your dirty little minds are still functioning properly) So here is my story. I hope other will share theirs.

    Like many of you, got my initial taste of Van Halen as a young kid. I first heard "You Really Got Me" on Casey Kasem's Top 40. I was twelve. I promptly wrote down the name of the band as "Von Hallen". I was hooked.

    In the neighborhood that I grew up in, a lot of the kids were older that me. I had already been exposed to Kiss, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Peter Frampton, Aerosmith and other mega-acts of the mid-70's. Of course, they were all going to the concerts that I was "too young" to attend.

    Fast-forward a few years. The 1980 Invasion rolled into town on David Lee Roth's birthday. But the show was on a school night...I was denied permission (again!) to see my heroes in the flesh.

    FINALLY...Fair Warning is released. Tour plans start to become known. The boys announce summer night concerts at the Oakland Coliseum (they did three shows over three nights to about 50K people)

    I was 16! Old enough now (according to my folks) to be exposed to such debauchery. I scored two very good tickets and promptly invited a "hotty" from work to attend the show with me. I was jazzed. Van Halen in concert, a great looking 18 year old (older woman!) at my side, what could be better (Hey, those dirty little minds are working again, I can feel them!)

    Day of show...the chick blows me off! No shit. It was time to head to the gig, and she is no where to be found. (I later find ou that she thought we were going the following night, and everything was cool)
    Anyway, here I am with two tickets to the show, and no one to go with! A chance meeting with a buddy, and I have found a new VH convert.

    They opened with "On Fire" and man were they! Dave did his "I'll fuck your girlfriend" routine. Lots of swaggering and shots of JD on stage. LOUD. Plenty of scantily-clad young ladies dancing in the crowd. I vividly remember the proud rack of a hot little dish that danced during "Jaime's Cryin'". They did "Unchained" as one of their encores. (An odd choice, considering it is off of the album they were touring to support..but who remains my fav VH tune to this day)

    "So this is what a rock and roll concert is all about!", I thought to myself. I bought a concert JERSEY (Hey, they were cool in the early 80's so shut up)

    Better yet... about 50 tickets remained available for the third and final show in Oakland. My buddy and I popped the dough for the tickets and returned two nights later. That night, we made it to the stage for the encores. He caught a Michael Anthony pick. They were filming all three nights. The "I got myself a brand new Oakland scarf"...So This Is Love? video...ya, you know it. Hard to believe that was twenty years ago.

    Come on Dave, (and Eddie and Mike and Alex), give us a break! Bring it back on!!!

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    05.20.18 @ 08:00 AM
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    Well, your experience went a lot better than mine (no fault of the band's) which happened earlier the same year while I was 17.



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