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    Now and then, there seems to be this argument on who sold more records with Van Halen, Dave or Sammy, including vinyl, tapes,etc... And what qualities does Dave and Sammy bring to Van Halen and why is one singer better for Van Halen then the other? Sorry Gary, you need not apply for this argument........

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    id say both are about same on sales.
    dave era vh has sold, more volumes of cd,vinyl, 8trks,cassetes clearly.

    sammy isnt far back.
    van halen with dave has sold the most.
    fact #1
    im a dave fan the most.
    but to say dave is reason, im not gonna say that. but it helped.
    dave was king in the 80s no doubt.
    and over the years the albums of early vh, still sell well.
    look at 1984 that has sold. alone 2 maybe 3 times as much as any sammy cd. fact number #2.
    14 million i believe it is..
    im not gonna diss sammy here, even thou i favor david lee vh era.
    i think sammy was perfect choice for replacement.
    who else could have done it.?
    sammy has clearly sold, consistantcy.
    avg about 3.5 mill copies up to 6 million.
    and that is awesome.
    so go look for your self.
    there are results on each album. the amount of sales.
    dave has more. dave also did more albums than sammy.
    7 compared to sams 6.

    the bov1 doesnt really have any merit to who, and why it was bought, i opersonally only bought it for the new dave songs,
    i didnt buy it to hear the, love songs of sammy...

    but all in all id say they are very close to selling volumes..

    wtf was vh3 all about lol

    (( back up bitch! i missed the order box, move your ass back please , so i can order my food,((well if you would have pulled up to the right place in first place.,. look lady back the fuck up or im gonna cap your ass!! yeah uh ill take a#4 quarter pounder plain with cheese only.!!!! drive thru please !!

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    Man, I don't respond to "figures" too well.

    I stood in line to buy "3", people.

    When it comes to sales, I'm not moved. Big sales are great and I hope that the new album sells goes gangbusters, but you can't, IMO, be swayed by stats.

    I mean, I'm NOT buying "The Eagles Greatest Hits," or "Triller," OK?

    In the end, Dave is better for the band in my opinion, notwithstanding the great job Sammy did.

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    Moving to opinions, feel free to beat this dead horse again over there

    A little zen... Headed your way...



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