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    Romeo Delight
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    07.01.06 @ 01:28 PM
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    Is the contract for Ray Danniels about amount of
    releases or about time ? .. and you know Sammy
    is in if they get free from Danniels ???

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    09.21.15 @ 03:44 PM
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    Originally posted by opa:
    Is the contract for Ray Danniels about amount of
    releases or about time ? .. and you know Sammy
    is in if they get free from Danniels ???
    What's alledgedly happening with Van Halen and Ray Danniels is that, due to the contract they signed with him after Ed Leffler's death, Danniels now has a stake in not only anything previously released by Van Halen, including the DLR-era catalog, but also anything released by them in the future, even though that's not really stated in the excerpt I provided below from the unpublished Sammy Hagar biography. However, it is pretty well known throughout the Van Halen fan community (such as this) that's what Danniels set up for himself. And, since he is no longer their manager (supposedly, since nobody has ever really got a firm or official word on this), it's only obvious that they don't want him to receive another penny from anything they release that he has no part of.

    As for Sammy being back only if Ray is gone, I can't answer that because I don't know. But, given Sam's distaste for Danniels, I wouldn't doubt if that's one of the reasons. But, as long as Danniels has Van Halen held up in court, and until it gets settled, I doubt we'll see anything from soon. This guy is apparently the type of manager anyone out there in the music industry dreads having. He only looks out for "number 1", that being himself only.

    Here's an excerpt from the unreleased Sammy Hagar book where he talks about Ray and how he got himself set up as their manager and what type of deal he finagled for himself. There's plenty more, but this pretty much explains everything:

    "Hagar says that when he read the agreement that had been drawn up, he
    couldn't believe the terms Al's brother-in-law had proposed. "I remember
    the son-of-a-bitch wanted to get paid for the rest of his life," said an
    utterly amazed Hagar, "and that was for every Van Halen record sold in
    the catalogue. Even if he got fired tomorrow, he wanted 20 percent of
    everything. And get this. He wanted 20 percent of gross, not net. When
    I saw what he was trying to do, I went to the brothers raising hell.
    They were willing to sign Ray's proposed deal the next day. I went to Ed
    and Al and said, 'Are you guys crazy?' You don't understand, I was the
    only guy fighting this. Michael Anthony didn't have a real vote per se,
    so his involvement was limited. He's not a full partner, just a salaried
    musician in the band. He was almost replaced on every record we did, but
    believe me, I fought for Mikey too."

    Hagar refused to sign documents granting Ray Danniels any authority over
    his contributions to Van Halen since 1985. He thought the Canadian
    manager's demands were outrageous, considering he was stepping into a
    position that was already running smoothly, thanks to his predecessor.
    Because of his intense distrust of Danniels, Hagar wanted to implement a
    codicil into the manager's contract to insure a smooth transition, in
    case he was ousted from the band. The concept was called "the sunset
    clause," a prorated pay scale that would eventually phase him out five
    years after leaving the band, for whatever reason. The language Hagar
    worked out with attorney Don Engel stated that if Danniels was replaced,
    or left the band for any reason during the first year, he would be paid
    his previously agreed upon full percentage. The second year, he would
    get half of that. The third year Danniels would receive five percent,
    the fourth,one percent, and after five years, Van Halen was finished
    paying him. The idea came to Hagar from a conversation he had while
    touring with the legendary Joe Cocker, nearly twenty years earlier.

    "When Ray Danniels initially proposed his contract terms, I thought of my
    conversation with Joe Cocker. There was no way I was going to let Ray
    tie up every guy in this band. He wanted to make money off the whole Van
    Halen catalog from the first David Lee Roth record until now. I fought
    him for a month. First thing, I wouldn't give him any of my percentage
    of 5150, OU812, For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, and Live: Right Here,
    Right Now. I kept going to Eddie and Al saying, 'Come on you guys; think
    about this.' All they would say was, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever you
    say.' They would not stick up for me. Ray had them convinced that the
    reason the old catalogue didn't sell was that Ed Leffler never pushed it,
    because he didn't own a piece of it. Well, the reason Leffler never
    pushed the Roth stuff was the simple fact he didn't give a shit about

    "This band had sold 65 million records in their 18-year career, and Ray
    Danniels knew exactly what he was walking into. He wasn't fooling me
    with the bullshit he was telling the brothers. Eddie and Al went ahead
    and gave Ray a large piece of their percentage of the old catalogue with
    Roth. They even gave him part of their percentage for the albums I was
    on. I refused to give him anything. I didn't need Ray Danniels
    breathing down my neck, sucking my dick, holding my hand and selling me
    out all in the same picture. You want me to tell you something else? Ray
    Danniels makes more money off the David Lee Roth era albums than Michael
    Anthony. How about that one? Ray Danniels makes more money than Michael
    Anthony period! It's sick, man. Ed and Al go along with it, because they
    make more themselves."

    Hagar's rage at Danniels continued to bubble under the surface, as he saw
    the manager manipulate the Van Halens like puppets on a string. "I never
    signed a contract with him after I saw how he was doing things," he said
    defiantly. "This guy came in and immediately wanted twenty percent of
    everything. I said, 'You're walking into a band that's already making
    millions. You have the nerve to ask for more than the last guy made who
    did everything in the world for us! All you are going to be doing is
    making the same deals Ed Leffler already made with the promoters; the
    same deal with our record contract; and renewing the same publishing deal
    already in place. You think that since you're the manager, and you come
    in to answer the phone, that you should get twenty percent? I absolutely
    refuse to sign anything that gives you more than Ed Leffler made.'

    With the new album coming out, and plans for an extensive tour starting
    to unfold, some sort of agreement with Danniels had to be reached.
    During one conversation with Ray, Hagar mentioned the unfair treatment
    Michael Anthony had been receiving from the Van Halen brothers. The bass
    player, he felt, at least deserved an equal percentage of the stage money
    they earned from their nightly road performances. "Michael Anthony
    stands there on stage every night," insisted Hagar, "and works as hard as
    me, or anybody else out there. I thought it was chicken shit that he
    didn't get his fair share of the stage money. Well, Ray Danniels, to get
    his vote, went to Mike and said, 'I will get you your equal percentage of
    the touring money.' You want to know why he told him that? Because he
    knew I'd vote him in as manager. Ray went in and made the deal with the
    brothers to get Mikey his stage money, although he still didn't get
    anything from merchandising, the records or publishing. Mike got conned
    and made a deal with the devil himself, though he didn't have to do it
    that way. A long time ago, he could have come clean if he would have
    just stood up for his rights. But I'm not here to ridicule Mikey. He
    did what he felt he had to do."

    Hagar ended up signing a deal with Danniels, recognizing him as the
    manager for only the upcoming Balance album and tour, nothing else.
    Sammy's contract called for Ray to make 17 percent of net, not gross,
    like he originally wanted. Eddie and Alex Van Halen gave him the same
    percentage across the board for everything.

    Van Halen should never have paid him 17 percent for anything. Those guys
    agreed to pay Ray for things he had no part of. I made it clear that he
    wouldn't get a thing from me for 5150, OU812, For Unlawful Carnal
    Knowledge, and the Live album. That's another reason why he pulled all
    his shit behind my back. I retained my 30 percent without giving Ray
    Danniels a fucking penny, because he didn't deserve it, he's a criminal.
    I voted to give him percent of the new record and of the tour, just
    like everybody else, mainly because of Michael Anthony. I didn't screw
    him in any deal. I just gave him his percentage of what he did, not
    something he didn't do."

    Hope this answered your questions.
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    Romeo Delight
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    07.01.06 @ 01:28 PM
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    Yes perfectly !

    from - 29 celsius...

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    01.28.16 @ 02:05 AM
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    Ya know...

    I've read those two excerpt from Sam's Bio at least ten times and every time I do, I discover something new.

    Ada-boy, Sammy! [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]

    Ray, you really are a fucking snake. I wish I knew for sure if VH fired Ray. The only thing we have was the interview years ago from Mike saying he's fired. I believe Sam said they fired him as well... I just wonder what Ed and Al would say when asked "Why did you fire Daniels?"
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    05.21.18 @ 03:14 PM
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    I have only FOUR WORDS to say:

    FUCK YOU RAY DANNIELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    02.13.15 @ 07:56 AM
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    I don't believe that Ray is the hold up here at all. If they refused to make any money because Ray had his hands in there, why did they release the remasters? Why did they even attempt to get a Dave reunion off the ground? Why have Eddie and Mikey continued (though infrequently) to float the word 'soon' over the last two years by way of NAMM appearances, website announcements etc?

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    05.22.18 @ 02:20 AM
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    Premium Member
    I tend to agree with Glenn.

    Also seeing this is largely based on Vinces own opinions, and exerpts from Sams book which has never (to my knowledge) been proved to be authentic, I'll move this to opinions/speculation
    A little zen....... Headed your way.......



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