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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    been brought up many times.
    DAVE era VH gets played more often than SAMMY era VH.

    i just caught the last part of "A DEEPER KIND OF LOVE" on the radio today. that makes three off SAMMY's new record.
    when DAVE's last album came out i heard "SLAM DUNK" a few times and that was it. DAVE's next solo effort will come out on 8-track. ha!ha!
    this thread is dedicated to the DAVE's last record sold better than SAMMY's record.

    i ordered TEN 13 from AMAZON.COM a month ago and still haven't got it. they sent me a nice apologetic e-mail, but they still haven't shipped it.

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    05.25.17 @ 07:28 PM
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    No doubt. I barely ever hear Dave solo. I heard "Slam Dunk" once or twice, but that's it. I hear Sammy solo very regularly.

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    09.04.17 @ 05:32 AM
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    topik killer, my fellow Ohioian, who cares. As long as they play anything or anybody that has ever been associated with VH then it is good. This Dave's solo stuff sold more than Sammy's solo stuff is silly. Both are great entertainers and musicians and both made VH the great Rock 'N' Roll icon that it is today.

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    05.18.09 @ 11:19 PM
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    Besides, since Sammy's album just got released, it's going to get more airplay than solo Roth.

    Classic VH. Ain't nothin' like it in the world.

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