When I saw the Sam and Dave show in Charlotte, NC. I noticed and felt something really strong when Sammy and Mikey were on stage together....

Sammy and Mikey were having a ball as usual but, Mikey was in extreme high spirits (besides the margarita girls and margaritas). Then they started doing "Finish What you Started" and Sammy told a nice little story while they were building into the song. Sammy was talking about getting some from his wife and his neighbor and friend(Eddie) came over about 2 in the morning and said he had this song he had come up with.
Sammy then said "When Eddie has a guitar in his hand, man you have to stop what youre doing because nobody can play that guitar like Eddie. Then he said he came back after writing the tune and his wife told him to finish what he started.

Sammy later put a hat on Mikey and started calling him Norton....Mikey started doing his Norton impression from the Honeymooners....I LMFAO...

I've just got a gut feeling....There's going to be a reunion with Sammy. I love Dave but, my bet is Sammmy is probably in the works as we speak.
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