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    It won't come up on my screen. Thanx in advance.

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    Here ya go!

    Gossip on Van Halen, David Lee Roth
    March 20, 2001, 11:05 am PT
    Your daily dose of gossip, rumors, innuendoes, sarcasm, and hearsay...

    Well, judging by the tons of emails we get from readers asking about the whole Van Halen reunion with David Lee Roth, it's a safe bet that it's not yet a subject you guys are tired of reading about.

    So, first we brought you the latest update from sources close to the Van Halen camp (Miss Truth, March 1), then we tried to figure out what Dave had to say himself in a post he made to his Web site (Miss Truth, March 16), and now, after reading our last item, Miss Truth got a surprise call from a source close to Diamond Dave to try to straighten us out even further on this ongoing and ever-changing situation.
    Here is the skinny from our new Diamond Dave source just this week:

    *As of our conversation on Sunday (March 18), Van Halen and David Lee Roth were not back together, but the powers-that-be around both camps are trying very hard to make it happen. Eddie Van Halen's wife Valerie Bertinelli was quoted recently saying they are indeed back together, while Michael Anthony has said (and we're paraphrasing), "Stay tuned, there is going to be a tour."

    *In answer to the much pondered question, "What is the hold up?," our source says that the three contracts that have passed between VH and Dave simply were "not to Dave's satisfaction." It seems a more business-minded Dave knows his worth these days and is not settling for a deal that doesn't reflect that. What Dave thinks he's worth and what VH thinks he's worth has not exactly matched up yet.

    *Money aside, there are issues of control and who's writing the songs. Eddie doesn't want to record anyone else's songs, and he and Dave haven't exactly produced anything satisfactory to both sides yet. The songs Dave has brought to Eddie have been shot down by the guitarist, and the three songs Eddie played for Dave got no love from the singer. The two haven't actually worked together since July. However, Eddie invited Dave to his house this week (again) and the two should be trying this thing one more time. Also on the control tip, Dave wants a clause in the contract that basically says the other members can't fire him.

    *Speaking of money, there are offers that are no less than a guaranteed $40 million and even up to as much as $135 million on the table for a tour of the four original members. Warner Bros. allegedly advanced VH $6 million -- $2 million was to do a greatest hits album with a few new songs. Dave allegedly only was receiving something like $125,000 for that part of it. Yes, he wants more and he's putting his foot down until he gets what he wants. If Dave, Alex, and Michael want to cash in on that, it's looking like they are going to have to give into to Dave's needs, but that remains to be seen.

    *According to our source, Dave is antsy and wants to get out there and play. But, he isn't too keen on touring behind a greatest hits album. He's said to want the band to record a new album of all new material and then tour behind that album. "Diamond Dave's like a Dallas Cowboy, he's suited up and ready to go," says our source.

    *Contrary to what was reported by most last summer, a tour was never actually planned. No dates were confirmed at all, even those rumored shows in Florida were never really penned in, though some promoters took it upon themselves to "hold" dates just in case. The plan was to get it together by spring break this month, but that obviously ain't happening.

    *Yes Dave's had offers to do a solo tour, especially in South America and Canada, but most feel if he does those dates it might take away from the excitement of the VH reunion when it happens… and by all accounts, it will happen.

    So, there you have it… for now at least!

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    Very Cool !!!!!!

    stick it to them dave!!!!! dont take anything less than your worth. they need you more than you need them. they are a laughing stock and with all the rumors, if they dont make it happen will be the joke of all the music industries for a long time. if its true you were only getting $125,000 thats a joke. you have that in your pocket walking round town. tell them to pound sand. they really think your an idiot dave. they know they need you and you know they need you. DLR rocks!!!!!!!!!! release a solo dave, sooner or later your gonna write another classic, then VH will really look bad.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Bru87tr:
    stick it to them dave!!!!! dont take anything less than your worth. they need you more than you need them.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>Without Van Halen, Dave will never sell 100 000 records or play any hall bigger than a club. He EASILY needs VH as much as they need him. Dave's biggest calling card is the VH material, and the last time he played it, he could only fill clubs.

    The only reason VH is more of a laughingstock than Dave is because people still remember who VH is. Dave fell off the planet years ago in the public's view.



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