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    02.27.16 @ 04:52 AM
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    I don't understand the reasoning behind offering a "free license" to display the "stripes", but not offer the same license for "5150" and "VH".
    Besides, the display of the VH logo and "5150" on web pages not used for profit does not seem like copyright infringment to me. I don't get it.

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    05.06.15 @ 11:27 PM
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    And do you think they fucking care! Guess Ed wasn't kidding, we all should have been wearing a cup! See that's what a pussy does, he kicks you in the balls when your're down!
    The Pumpkinhead!

    "After three decades you still don't get the fact that VH the band was greater than the sum of all of its parts -- and those parts fit perfectly together, especially in the CVH lineup." - Delighted Romeo, Hit the nail right on the God Damn Head!!!

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    Yeah, that's an easy one!
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    02.16.16 @ 11:09 AM
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    Originally posted by Pumpkinhead:
    See that's what a pussy does, he kicks you in the balls when your're down!
    Actually, doesn't a pu$$y f#@k you (at least when you're up)?



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