well with the announcement from 3/4 of vh band we know we have a summer tour to go too.
there is no adknowledge ment of singers which is exspected, so that if it is dave or sam. that it will be a surprise in essence.
van halen 3 started in may didnt it
i know i for sure phoenix was the 1st or second u.s date in 1998 july 1st cause i had 3rd row seats wooo whoooo.
but its definetly a hot summer night and our radios and fave band comeing this summer.
thats out of way.

but know the big finally is who the singer is.
i believe its dave. cause he has been so quite. enough said.
sammy is too busy touring and welll gary is with is band , as you remember is bitter at van halen for the way they treated him lol
but hey im so glad hes out, unlike some of you who liked gary, thats fine too
but get ready, cause it really is going to happen. godbless all of us and our favorite band. let the goodtimes roll.
winners come and go, but legends are forever.
you can take that too the bank diamond dave will be back in the hotseat.
singing hot for teacher live on a stage near you. with van halen ........