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Just a bit. Truth is, it's all conjecture unless one of us stakes out 5150 and asks the man himself. To which the answer he gives now might be different than the one he would have given in 1996.

Personally, I think it comes down to Ed wanting more control of what he perceived to be "his band". He wanted a manager that would side with him and Al. He wanted a singer that wasn't going to fight him on shit that Sam and Dave might have. He wanted to be the voice of the band moving forward.

I always found it funny when I'd watch the VH III interview where Ed makes the "here's the planet....here's the planet" as he's motioning a planet going around his head after he's asked what the problem was with the other singers.

Yet, he was virtually the ONLY one who spoke during the publicity interviews for VHIII. I don't think Ed had an ego like Dave or Sam, but he definitely wanted to be the spokesperson for that new incarnation.

To blame Ray Danniels for any of this, is silly, imo. I totally get why people do as there's a bit of smoke but I really don't think there any fire whatsoever.
Did you ever see that Howard Stern Episode from 1998 where all the guys came in to the studio? Eddie was a little off his rocker that day. He fiddled with a guitar while Howard asked him wtf he was doing and after he got it to his liking, he decided not to play after all. It was bizarre to watch and a little sad. This is not the guy that should be running a band IMO. There is a reason why guys like Dave and Sammy end up making the big decisions. Alex used to be more involved in that kind of stuff early on but he seemed to eventually back away from it. He was also going through a divorce around 1997 so I think he was kind of checked out of band stuff for a bit.