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    Quote Originally Posted by MF5150 View Post
    Same with Big Wreck....Now they are criminally unknown compared to other acts. Ian Thornley is a pure freak of nature when it comes to singing, composing and guitar playing. Very rarely do we see somebody come along that can play, sing and write like he does. He deserves to be mentioned a whole hell of a lot more than he is. They're legit like a Canadian Zeppelin and I don't hear many people talking about them.

    Do I care? No. More for me.
    I loved Big Wreck's debut album! Played it all the time. I saw them in a little club in New Haven when it came out. Not many people there at all, but it was a good show.
    The 2nd album kind of missed the mark for me, although the tracks I liked on it, I really liked. Then nothing. I didn't even know Albatross and Ghosts came out so many years later until someone on here mentioned it. I know they've had a couple albums since that, but I'm pretty sure I haven't heard them. Thanks for the reminder, though.

    But, no, we absolutely shouldn't care if music that appeals to us comes from a band/artist who isn't widely known. You just hope they can maintain enough attention not to deter them from continuing to share their music.

    However, isn't Rush the "Canadian Zeppelin?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave's Dreidel View Post
    Watched the episode.

    Eh, cool VH is in it, but I didn't find it very funny. Maybe Family Guy is simply played out for me.
    The new episodes are very hit or miss. I thought the panama stuff was funny
    Dealing with it.



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