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    04.08.20 @ 04:24 PM
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    Lots of babies coming after 9 months of this. I suspect same with abortions too. People be fuckin like rabbits.

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    04.07.20 @ 07:40 PM
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    Well, corporate made it's announcements today, and out came the layoff scythe. Luckily, it missed me, but took out a major chunk of my department, and from every other department.

    So for now, I am still marked "essential." Or is that "sacrificial?"

    Had a woman pull into the dealership this last Wednesday. One of our service advisers opens the truck door, leans in and plugs in the scan tool. As she does this the customer tells her "This my husbands truck. He's in the hospital because of Covid." The customer then reaches into the truck and put on a mask. "I'm not sick." she said. "But I'm still waiting for my test results."

    Fucking idiot.
    blah blah blah Devin Townsend blah blah blah

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    04.08.20 @ 03:21 PM
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    Quote Originally Posted by japeape View Post
    One good thing to come out of this free for all covid nightmare:

    I was at the supermarket, and my beloved Stouffers French Bread Pizzas were all taken.

    Actually, there was no frozen pizza, except a little brand called: AMY's Organic cheese pizza.

    No frills or toppings, but organic tomatos, real mozzarella (and a lot of it), organic flour...

    I figured it would suck, but picked it up, anyway.

    So i put the thing in today, and it puffed up like an actual REAL, restaurant pizza.

    Then i ate it....

    My God, this was easily THE best frozen pizza i've ever tasted!
    The crust was perfection, the cheese, the tomatos.....

    It made Digornos & Red Baron seem like cardboard, in comparison.

    And nobody was buying this brand!
    There were tons of them, while all the other brands were sold out.

    I will risk my health, and go back.
    Amy's is supposed to be healthy and organic....and it is organic. But all that stuff is fatty and cheesy and high in sodium! Very high calorie counts on everything. I like the cheese enchiladas tho.



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