Life for us has been...busy. I can't complain. We are working from home and getting paid. But I am going to complain anyway because, I don't know, White privilege.

This is my 7th week at home (I took the week off before spring break in March before our district decided to join all other local districts and close the week before break). Our school model transitions well to home. While other districts are struggling, we are an independent study charter, and so now instead of meeting with students for one hour per week in person, we meet in a Google Hangout. Getting work is much, much harder, but about a third of my students are regularly doing work and submitting it.

That first week home was exhausting, though, because my wife was still at work. Our son is 3 with 2 hours of behavioral therapy and we also have a 16-month old. Well now instead of the therapist wrangling him, she is on Zoom and we are doing it.

Mostly, it is wonderful to seem our son make improvements. He is not yet verbal, but he is not nonverbal anymore. He is somewhere in between. By 2.5 he knew the alphabet and 1-20. Now he has about 4 sight words mastered and he understands quantities 1-3. So in some ways he is way, way ahead. But socially he still needs work, and that is why this was a terrible time for this to happen and his school to close. We are doing his schooling ourselves, and it is just special needs preschool. But he needs all he can get.

To a lesser extent, it is also frustrating. His limitations, combined with normal 3-yr old stuff, along with his nonverbal tendency to wail and scream makes things hard over time. He is not sleeping well again, which is a hallmark of autism. That's because his therapies are less rigorous via Zoom and he's not getting his 3 hours of normal school with recess. Our daughter hit her first sleep regression and we are at a loss because if we put her to bed first to cry a bit, his hooping and hollering prevents that. If we put him down first, her crying will wake him up.

Like I said, I shouldn't complain, but I can. Ultimately, we are safe, getting paid, and get to see our kids more. That isn't nothin'.