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    05.21.20 @ 10:45 AM
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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Dreamer View Post
    Isn't the whole issue that he had a medical condition? Also i'm sure "everything" was available backstage, but then it's a matter of knowing your limits. I'm sure the guy got wasted but there's wasted and passed out nikki sixx style where you see the white light and come back. I'm sure VH didn't want to have a lawsuit on their hands from the dude's family. See that's one whole episode that Noel Monk must've been in charge of, more than the band itself.
    He had a medical condition that he didn't disclose to MTV. He was actually at home recovering from surgery that put a plate in his head which allowed him to have time to enter the contest. Only when he started getting really trashed did his friend let producers know he shouldn't be drinking because of the injury and the medication - including anti-seizure meds - that he was on at the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Get The Show On The Road View Post
    I think he had hit his head or something and had an undisclosed TBI.

    And yeah, ultimately it's the guy's responsibility to stay under control, bit let's get real, if he's back stage with Van Halen that's probably gonna be a little harder than being at some frat party or bar.
    Yeah, he had gotten drunk and fallen through a stairwell, landing on his head.

    They talk about it in the doc.

    I agree with you that VH was well accustomed to that lifestyle, and the kid is gonna
    copy his heroes and not know any better.

    They should have had an MTV personel chaperoning them a bit.
    Graver, Walking Ed, refugee from CVH & proud tone chaser...

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