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    11.14.12 @ 04:33 PM
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    I don't know if this was ever posted before but I came across this at a Van Halen group at yahoo. There are two chapters from what I guess is his book there. The two chapters focus on Ray Danniel's and how he wedged his way into the band. It goes into great detail how he made Eddie and Alex his puppets. It talks about behind the scene conflicts involving contracts and touring and all the other problems that Ray(thanks for destroying Van Halen)Danniels caused in the band. I don't no how to post the chapters at vh forums so you will have to the group. It takes a little time but you won't be disappointed.To read this you have to join the group. Its free so no big deal. Go to and where it says join a group type in vh. Scroll down to the vh group and click. If you don't have a yahoo account you will need to get one. It will tell you how. Then go to files and click on Sammy hagar book. It was the best behind the scenes reading about Van Halen I have ever read.
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