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    04.05.20 @ 12:51 PM
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    Quote Originally Posted by KS 5150 View Post
    Agreed. This song would have fit nicely into his range, & maybe Ed could have done some creative bluesy guitar fills where the horns are on the original.
    Would love to hear a Van Halen-ized version of it.
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    04.01.20 @ 10:28 AM
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    Quote Originally Posted by japeape View Post
    I was making a joke, and quoting lyrics to the Poison tune: I want action.
    Sorry, been sick actually. Some of my meds screw me up...I didn’t even put together it was a poison song, lol

    I listened to vh’s demo going “I can’t find that lyric at all”, lol

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    03.20.20 @ 12:41 PM
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    Quote Originally Posted by KS 5150 View Post
    Well, I made another crack at it. I tried to remove some of the compression & improve the dynamic range. Not sure if it sounds any better, but I thought I'd try. If definitely sounds better than yesterday's version, at least to my ears....& finally is a track I don't have to skip on my VH bootleg mix bc of crappy sound quality. Please be kind, I've heard so many versions of this track today that I think I've lost the plot. Now I know how engineers feel lol

    EDIT: After a few listens, I don't know if its any better. Well, I tried.
    chea bwoy! excellent work.

    I like this track better than about half the other tunes that made it onto 5150. not sure how Love Walks In and Inside got the nod over this one...



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