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    Rivera is a cool unit more for the studio. For bedroom/basement jams go with the Jett City or something similar. I have a Pan Attenuator for my EVH5150III and had great results. I have the Palmer ADIG as well and that works great as well.
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    The reason people use attenuators is to push tubes into overdrive and have that sound available at a lower volume. Otherwise those amps would have to be on 10 all of the time. Passive boxes in the loop of something with preamp gain, like a 5150, just act as a volume control. At least, that's what people told me when I was looking into them.

    And, I do have a few of them. I now use them in *front* of my single-channel tube amp and it acts like the guitar's volume control ("underdrive") So, I have a clean sound and dirty sound available.



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