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    Quote Originally Posted by It's Mike View Post
    37k actually. If they sold it out Sammy it would be one of their best markets.

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    It was in 1988 and 1993.

    I remember Sammy saying there were 31K there in 95.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlindtotheWorld View Post
    I do notice one thing where I don’t have a certain connection with the band where others do. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t become a VH fan until I was 15, but none of those guys were ever my hero. I never stared at the pictures on the album cover and thought about how cool they were. I loved watching them live and obviously loved the music but that’s as far as I take it. I think people here know that I prefer Van Halen with Sam but when he was in the band and I saw interviews back in the 80’s/90’s, in my view, he came off as a bit of a dick – but that didn’t remotely impact my love of that band.
    I see! Well, I can tell you that both Edward and Alex Van Halen were true musical inspiration to me, even now as we speak. Reading all the magazines I got with both as covers somehow made them look like heroes to me as I was growing as a musician. IMHO, both brorhers can inspire the better off you. And probably knowing them when weonly had vynil records also helped me to feel much involved as part of the ritual to listen to music back then would include reading the credits and inner sleeve and stuff as well.

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    05.24.20 @ 10:28 AM
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    What's the irony that the poster that dismisses Van Halen Rising or chooses not read it is coming across uniformed about the bands' early years?
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    I just played This Is The Love, from Sammy's Red Voodoo cd, three times in a row.
    Thats the kind of uplifting feel good vibe I enjoy hearing. No ferocious guitar, just a good and catchy song. I think/know that Sammy would've done just fine as a solo artist, although obviously his platinum run in Van Halen was a Godsend.

    I love the solo stuff post VH that I've heard, much like Sambora's after Bon Jovi. Both guys, although different, are similar in a lot of ways. They speak to me...

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    Would he be as rich as he is today? Maybe not...then again, maybe.

    Sam is a pretty good businessman...Not necessarily in actually RUNNING a business, but having an eye for something that will sell and picking good partners to run it.

    He was as big as he'd ever been right before he joined VH. No, he wasn't as big as VH, but he was very popular, making millions, and had enough money to tell the world to go to hell already.

    So he was super-successful. Whether he would have continued that success and gotten even bigger, stayed about the same level, or tanked....we'll never know, because he joined VH and the rest if history.

    The rest of his life after that, it would have gone much differently if he didn't join VH. Does he ever leave his first wife if he's not on the VH treadmill? Probably never meets the current wife. Does he ever go to Cabo and fall in love with Mexico, and learn about tequila? Who knows?

    Too much speculation. All we can say is, he was successful before VH. He was even more successful during VH, and has thrived after VH.

    Whether he would have been "as big" or "as successful" is unknowable. But if he wasn't as successful as he is now, that doesn't mean he was a flop. Plenty of artists have less than VH-level runs and are still very successful. VH is not the bar for success at all.
    I asked a ref if he could give me a technical foul for thinking bad things about him. He said, of course not. I said, well, I think you stink. And he gave me a technical. You can't trust em. -
    Jimmy V

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