In the Fall, I will be meeting up with my Dad, who's got an Ibanez that he can loan me.

I'm 46, have always wanted to learn to play, and I am thinking of taking the plunge.

Dad...bless him...has been playing for many, many, years, but has five songs pegged. I am not going to learn anything from him.

I have had someone offer to tutor me online, but I don't want to go that route just yet. I am much better learning something on my own.

As for taking private lessons, that's not something that I can afford right now.

So...are there any websites or resources that y'all can recommend?

Please don't put too much time into your reply; there are a lot of great people on this board, and I wouldn't want to waste anyone's time, until I know that I am going to pursue playing an instrument. I am just looking for someone to point me in a direction, until I can sort it out and go from there.

Like I said, I have a couple of months (minimum), until I meet up with my Dad; this isn't something I am going to start tomorrow.

Thanks in advance