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    How do you like it?
    I played with a band twice now and like mine even more! Used one of my old PV 5150 half stacks. Little H9 and Satch Vox delay. Of course an EVH flanger and phaser. Bam! Killer! Still getting used to the kill switch. Which is a good problem to have.
    VH III is Ed's solo album. So everybody who keeps saying they wish he'd do one needs to stfu and listen to III. Then stfu again.

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    The guitar is incredible. It might be the best guitar I've ever played. Funny you mention the peavey 5150. I just hooked mine up yesterday after about a year and a half of not using it. Been using the 5150 iii combo and 50 watt el34 head. I have the 5150 ii. I sware it freaking smokes them all. Hooked it up to one of my new evh 4x12's and it sounds insane. Crunch channel on this amp is great for acdc type stuff. I'm going to drag in one of the peavey 4x12's and compare it to the evh. I'm not kidding how blown away I was by this amp. They really hit the nail on the head with this one. I really like the 5150iii combo blue channel, never found a great like for the red. It's nice for leads but the peavey lead channel is great for rythem and leads and the tone kills the newer amp. Now to hook up the harmonizer and have some real fun.



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