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    11.02.05 @ 02:38 PM
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    i went to the bbking blues festival.

    it was an incredible show.

    susan tedeschi ( a young white girl(gorgeus!)) opened . man! she can hurt you with that guitar!

    buddy guy- almost as legendary as b.b., buddy really works the crowd. very cool.

    b.b.king. - he is aptly named. at 74 with severe diabetes he is relly hanging in there. his back-up band plays a few jazz/swing numbers then when b.b. comes out they play an hour set of b.b.'s blues faveorits.

    go see this show. you will be in the presence of greatness.

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    B.B. is THE MAN!...

    He's one of the all time greats...



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