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    Default Fitting a Duncan SH-11 to a Striped Series, Pickup Hack

    Hello - it's a long time since I've been around these parts, but I wrote a blog post that I thought might interest the guitar-playing members here. Specifically, those who - like me - have been less than thrilled with the import Wolfgang pickup in the Striped Series guitars. The odd-shaped baseplate on that pickup means a direct pickup swap is difficult - but not impossible. Inspired by a thread on the Seymour Duncan forum, I had a go at this project, and wrote a detailed guide. I also recorded a video to demonstrate how it turned out.

    The blog post:

    The video:

    Anyway, I hope that's of use to some of you. Cheers for reading.
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    A set of JBs was recently given to me--I fully intend to put them into an EVH Wolf Standard.
    I am going to replace all the electronics

    Thank you for the info
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