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View Poll Results: Favorite song from Van Halen II

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  • You're No Good

    1 1.59%
  • Dance The Night Away

    8 12.70%
  • Somebody Get Me A Doctor

    13 20.63%
  • Bottoms Up!

    4 6.35%
  • Outta Love Again

    6 9.52%
  • Light Up The Sky

    21 33.33%
  • Spanish Fly

    0 0%
  • D.O.A.

    4 6.35%
  • Women In Love

    3 4.76%
  • Beautiful Girls

    3 4.76%
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    Quote Originally Posted by PrideofPasadena View Post
    Yes, yes....when the actual drums come in.
    Not just the sound of the drums, but the pattern he was playing. It just reminded me of Alex right away.
    Of course when the guitar came in then I knew for sure.

    LOL. I didn't know they were electronic either. All I knew is they sounded strange. I was thinking some kind of effect on them, or something.
    No worries, bro! I could not find the specific link for the interview with Landee and how they recorded HFT. But the next link would probably gets you more interested on reading more about it and the whole process to record 1984 into another perspective.


    I'll keep seaching for that link, man! ok?
    TT: "Wow, you can play acoustic guitar?"
    EVH: "Sure. What's the difference? It's got six strings... It's a guitar!" - 31.12.1978

    "Van Halen is entertainment. Van Halen is entertainment delivered at maximum impact, but it's entertainment." DLR

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