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    Quote Originally Posted by robakvhfan View Post
    I ordered the tattoo brightener from Ink the Original. I called their number and spoke to a very friendly gal. I asked her about my order status and the asked if she's ever met Dave. "of course I have, he's our founder!" was her reply. I then asked if Dave ever calls fans who order from the site, she said he doesn't but she would bring it up next time she sees him. If that starts happening I want FULL credit for that. Someone should ask him about "the original thing".
    Years ago, in the age of DVD, i ordered a George Lynch Japanese instructional DVD, plus
    something else (this must have been pre-internet, because i called an actual long distance phone number
    to place my order).

    So the guy was polite & formal, getting my information.
    At the end, i asked, "And who am i speaking to, just so i have a reference name if the order
    goes wrong?"

    The voice on the other end goes, "This is George."

    I pictured him in his kitchen, filling the orders.
    Graver, Walking Ed, refugee from CVH & proud tone chaser...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ziggysmalls View Post
    Well I do agree with BloCat that no matter what, nobody will ever be better then the artists that the Baby Boomers have hammered us for 50 years. Art is all subjective but nobody will be better than Hendrix. Ever. Some scientist could take the sperm of Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Page The Edge, Clapton,, Pete Townsend Neil Young and Joe Strummer. Mix it with the DNA extract from the bones of Hendrix, SRV, John Lennon and Kurt Cobain. Mix it with the an egg that was was frozen by Nancy Wilson and have a kid. Teach that kid how to play guitar at the age of 3 by the likes of Billy Joe Armstrong, Jack White Tom Morello and John Mayer. Be taught song composition by Kanye West, Robert PLants, Paul McCartney, Chris Martin, Bono and Michael Stipe. The kid still wouldn't be half as good as Hendrix.
    That's because they forgot to get sperm from Brian May and Prince, duh.

    [Sorry to interfere with the sports discussion, I just couldn't resist when I saw this comment and didn't realize it was from several days ago.]
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    I think I recall the VHND claiming there were 4 interviews in the can... I can't decide if the NY Times article would constitute a 3rd interview or just a rehashing of the previous 2 released..?

    Where's the rest..?

    These things have a limited shelf life...
    Woke up this mornin, got Blue Moon in your eyes...

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