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    10.16.19 @ 04:12 AM
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    Default The 2019 Les Paul Junior Tribute DC

    Some time ago I had a Gibson Special and that was my first experience with P90's. I made a bit of a mistake because the one I got was one of the dreaded 2015 models. After immediately replacing the robo-tuners with Grovers I played it but just could not get past the wide nut. After about a year, away it went... Well ever since then I have wanted to have something again with a P90, either a Junior or a Special. So when Gibson announced the new Junior double cutaway tribute I was intrigued. Yesterday I took the plunge, traded in a Mexi-Strat and came home with the new Junior Tribute DC. I have to say I am impressed. I have heard about possible quality issues lately with Gibson, but the fit and finish on mine is perfect. No fret sprout and the set up was acceptable. I say acceptable because I think everyone has their own opinion and preference on set up. I promptly changed the strings, conditioned the board and did my own little tweaks to the truss, intonation, and string height. The P90 breaks up as expected and cleans up very nicely with a roll off of the volume. Yes the pick-guard looks "odd" but I get what they are doing with the guard mounted electronics. This plus a bag instead of a hard case helps keep the price down.
    Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on these.

    I can't post pictures, but here is a link. I got the cherry color.
    Aint life grand!

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    10.18.19 @ 03:50 AM
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    Looks pretty cool!

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    Congrats! Looks good
    "People ask me how far I've come. And I tell them twelve feet: from the audience to the stage." - David Lee Roth



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