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    Quote Originally Posted by It's Mike View Post
    What is a passing grade in that school? Personally I think this is no zero policy is honestly fucking stupid and just a way to make kids feel like they didn't fuck up. But it's a scam and the kids know that. Also kind of tells kids to not bother trying unless they're really good students. Why waste your time trying when you're gonna get a 60 when you can do nothing and get a 50? No idea what the hell you guys are doing with education.

    Kids aren't fucking stupid. Sometimes their parents and educators are, but a kid knows he didn't get a 50 when it wasn't handed in.

    That being said, the university I teach at has a movement started by some of the students that cheating shouldn't be an honor code violation, because, you know, like, school is, uhm, like hard, and we are stressed out, and, you grading people is part of patriarchal, imperialistic society that, like, you know, makes us like, compete for stuff.
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