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    Quote Originally Posted by WILDmojo View Post
    Anybody knows what the pedals to the right of the Wah-Wah does/controls?
    After watching some live shows I'm suspecting one controls the switching between the clean and dirty amp, maybe that little box with the single foot-switch?
    Bradshaw or John Suhr would probably be the only ones that could give a definitive answer on that. I think Suhr was still working with Bradshaw around that time.

    I donít have any evidence to back this up but a guy in the EBMM/WG/EVH group said that those Marshalls were CAE/Suhr modded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedi McFly View Post
    Thanks for posting these, Rob!

    I'm still not convinced that Marshall is in Ed's rig in '95. The diagram is bizarre and seems to have several errors or make a lot of assumptions. For instance:

    1. Why is one wireless unit dedicated for EVH and another for AVH? I understand Al has his own monitors, but itíd surely make much more sense to have a single receiver split out for Alís amp monitors at the CAE switcher and the second receiver be backup.
    2. Signal path of the effects is either totally off or put in a non-specific order. It looks like they just put it in the same order that it's in the rack, but that's not how the signal flow works.
    3. The 5150ís FX send/preamp out never returns to the switcher for the delays, harmonizer, noise gate, etc. to process, but the Marshall does?
    yeah you bring up some good points. I guess we'll probably never know for sure but at least we can confirm that he did in fact have a couple Marshalls with him on tour.

    as far as what the pedals are to the right of the wah wah... the only thing I know is the little one right next to it is a mute / bypass when he wants to shut it off


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    I've never seen Ed use a master volume Marshall. The four holers in those photos would technically be 1959s and not 2203, I think. And all those old photos with JMP-era heads are four holers too.



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