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    Quote Originally Posted by ziggysmalls View Post
    Yes and they are typically plastered. Most of the staff working behind bar is top shelf as well. Still think about the bottom of this one who was wearing Yoga pants. Ass wouldn't quit. My only problem with Nashville and the surrounding area is that it seems no matter where you go to, you have to get on 4 interstates, 3 state routes and drive through 4 developments. There doesn't seem to be any direct routes anywhere.

    Plus they have f'ed up speed limits. 20mph, 30mph?
    The bartender at Honky Tonk Central gave me a Coke and didn't charge me. I was very appreciative because it was 95 degrees outside!

    Overall the demographics of the tourists seemed to be even older than me/us (late 40's), but at the open mic I went to...whoa! Yep, there was the girl in the hot pink short-shorts, and the one in the yoga pants.

    Also when I went to see Vince Gill, I sat at the bar and talked to this guy from Ft. Worth. I went to the bathroom, and when I came back, some girl in a cowboy hat who looked a LOT like a very young Beverly D'Angelo was in my seat talking to him. She eventually left and I sat down again, but she came back and chattered to this guy some more. I thought maybe I should tell her she looked like Beverly D'Angelo, but she would've had no idea who I was talking about, and when I said, "She was in Vacation. The original one, from the `80's," it would've sealed my grandpa status.

    Yeah, the roads are insane. You merge onto the interstate from the right, then the GPS says, "Exit onto ramp on left." I just got here! I'm already supposed to move over four lanes within 10 feet?! So you have to miss the exit and then double back over and over.

    The other thing that drove me nuts was I couldn't find a McDonald's, Burger King or Taco Bell for a nighttime snack to save my life. In Atlanta you pass those every half a mile, and they're all open until 2 a.m. I forgot shaving cream and toothpaste but never happened past a Walmart or Target, either. A friend who's in-laws live there says chain stores aren't popular up there. They need to learn!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArtyBoy View Post
    Who's your high school friend and bandmate?

    I've been reading more about Nashville. I can't believe some of the rock n' roll and pop names that live there now:

    Joe Bonamassa
    Dave Mustaine
    Steven Tyler
    Brad Whitford
    Vince Neal
    Mick Mars
    John Corabi
    Peter Frampton
    Tom Keifer
    Mark Slaughter
    Jack White
    Desmond Child
    Ben Folds
    Sheryl Crow
    Taylor Swift
    Ed Sheeran

    I also did some reading on that bar that I did an open mic at. It turns out that back in the `70's, Black Sabbath, David Bowie and a lot of other people recorded their entire tours on a 24 track mobile truck. The guy who owned and operated the mobile truck now owns that bar! He came off the road in 1987 and bought into that bar, but the mobile truck is still parked somewhere there and they rent it out for recording! And Jon Bon Jovi and Bonnie Raitt have both done solo shows in that bar, and Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson did their major label showcases in there!

    This is all fascinating me because in midlife crisis, some of my friends are telling me, for the first time ever, they think I have actual talent (I thought they thought I was delusional. Now they tell me?) and it would probably bloom somewhere else but definitely not here in Atlanta. Hmm...

    So anyway...blah blah blah...
    Brad Stella.
    He and his wife are now known as The Stellas, and their daughters Lennon & Maisey (sp?) were on that Nashvikle tv show.

    Remember my old story about my first ever gig, breaking a string while playing with my teeth on a floating trem Ibanez Jem 777? That was with Brad on bass, his brother Jeremy on drums, and their cousin Mark on bass. The band was called Blood Ties at the time... Many moons ago...



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