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    Quote Originally Posted by Harpospoke View Post
    It kinda feels like you said the opposite thing that Bad said.

    Was Van Hagar about Eddie or Sammy?

    I've heard the "don't blame Sammy" thing which claims that it was really about Eddie. But then others claim Sammy should get credit for the success of Van Hagar.

    I think it's kinda both. Eddie wrote riffs....not songs. Dave and Sammy wrote the melodies that turn riffs into songs that the public responds to. If you ever wrote a song you know that coming up with riff/riffs is just the beginning of the process.

    So Sammy should get half the blame/credit for Van Hagar imo. He wrote those songs too. If Dave was the singer it would have been completely different songs.

    Also sometimes called "getting old". "Mature" and "sophisticated" is nice and all...but it doesn't rock as much as "young" and "stupid". Would Eddie have written a 2 chord song (ATBL) in 1986?

    That's seems awfully coincidental. Dave was perfect in 84 and Sammy was perfect 2 years later? Boy thank god they just happened to stumble upon the perfect guy at the perfect time, eh?

    I think that really proves how much Dave and Sammy contributed to songs. Each one wrote half the song...thus it was "perfect" for them. If Dave had stuck around, I'm sure those songs would be "perfect for what Eddie was doing too".
    Things just fell into place when Dave left, when Sam came in it could have crashed and burned but it didn't and to this day some people can't handle it but what you're saying in the last paragraph is pretty much true.

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    Could that be a College class?

    CVH 101 Dave-Era Van Halen Comprehension Module
    Little Dreamer



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