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    You can't monetize tiny specs of broadband streams anyway... the concept of a music product have any real value at all are 100% over. The government or anyone else has nothing to do with this new reality.

    They need to rethink this entire industry now as a group... I can't believe how fucking stupid the executives and the boards are. It really is one of the dumbest entertainment stories in the last 100 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harpospoke View Post
    So the government gets to control what music we hear? Is that what I'm seeing? What could go wrong? No way political agendas would effect anything, right?
    EVH 1979: Well, actually it's not much of a vacation, because we run everything ourselves. We design our own album cover, we have to be in the office every day to sign checks - the whole corporation revolves around us. Nothing can be done without our approval. We even have photo approval.



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