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Well at this point almost none of my favorite old bands are making new albums anyway so as a practical matter I'm not very concerned (plus I'm still a hoarder of physical media), but I don't think your last statement is true. I don't know how many times I've read musicians (just like filmmakers and other artists) say that their projects are ultimately abandoned because of lack of time and never really finished. I've heard many of my favorite musicians say they wish they could go back and change things.

Now, of the ones that would want to some might still choose not to out of respect for their fans but I don't think ANY musician who really cares about what they do wouldn't want to go back and change some things if they could. Rush has changed several arrangements for songs live and specifically said they wish that's the way the original songs were. Now, that doesn't bother me any because I like that the live versions add some variety to some songs I've heard a ton of times, but it would suck in the extreme if all of the sudden I put on Natural Science or The Analog Kid or many others and even the old studio albums now matched the modern changes.
I actually can see this more for a band like Rush. They basically changed their writing style in the 80's. I could see them wanting to change some parts of the longer, conceptual, stuff they did in the early days.