I have a white 2012 Mexi-Strat that I picked up a month ago for some of the lighter-rock songs we do (Eagles, Petty, Mellencamp...). Anyway, the guy who had it before me put in the good 5-way, good pots, and three Texas Special pickups. The guitar sounded good, but I wanted a little more power in my bridge pickup for leads. The problem was, I still wanted to retain some of the good single coil tone as well. This eliminated what I would typically do, which is put in a JB Jr., or Tone Zone S. I didn't want a "Humbucker" in the bridge, but I wanted a noise cancelling Stacked Single Coil that would give me the ass I needed and that would allow me to use it for higher gain stuff. I also wanted it to be a good match for the Texas Specials I was going to leave in the guitar.

I had some experience with the Fender Hot Noiseless pickups, and I knew that wasn't for me. I was looking at a lot of options. In the end, I had it narrowed down to either a Dimarzio Area '61, a Mojotone Quiet Coil Hot, and the Dimarzio Injector. It's tough to really know based on Youtube videos, since the rigs they play through and their style vary so much, but I put in the research, which meant listening to a lot of SRV riffs played badly. In the end, I decided on the Dimarzio Injector.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the results. The Injector pairs nicely with the Texas Specials, and retains a lot of the single coil characteristics that are pleasing, while rolling back on some of the less pleasing high end presence of the Texas Specials at high gain. I've found that it gets very single coily with the volume at about 8. When you roll the volume up to 10, it's still got single coil character, but boosts the bottom end and gets hot enough to pull off pinch harmonics very well. I roll the tone down to 9, and get a great tone, while remaining very articulate. It's more like a P-90 tone than a Humbucker tone, but it sounds great for those type of leads that I was aiming for.

With this pickup, I could use this guitar the whole night, even for the higher gain stuff, but I would have to roll the gain up on my amp for that. Right now, I can leave the gain where it's at on my amp, and play the heavier stuff on my humbucker equipped guitars, and switch to my Mexi-Strat for the lower gain stuff, which is exactly how I wanted it to go.

At the end of the day, I have to recommend the Injector as a great all around pickup for a single coil replacement in a Strat.