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    II & WACF
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    HAIL & Simple Rhyme
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    07.15.18 @ 07:36 AM
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    Somehow, we can never escape Vic!
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    Quote Originally Posted by atomicpunk5151 View Post
    RIP Vinnie.

    I saw Pantera many times on Ozzfest and headlining. Dime and Vinnie were cool as hell. As mentioned, Phil is a major fuckup, but he really had a huge influence on the band into the 90s.

    That was a hell of a run they had. Cowboys, Vulgar, FBD, Trendkill, Steel......

    Cemetery Gates -

    Also Vinnie in Cabo with Sam and Mike - Poundcake

    I mentioned earlier in this thread about Vinnie being at the Cabo Wabo Cantina several years in a row, and always wanting to play Poundcake for his open jam.

    Thought that spoke a lot about the power of music. How this metal guy, worshipped for heaviness, repeatedly chose a tune from an era of the band that some dipshits call "Lite" and try to belittle. Haha.

    This gig, and every one at that venue, looks like a lot of FUN! Great times, great company, great music. Whether or not I agree with Sam's choice of guitar player here is another matter and simply a preference thing...
    "There's too many people on this basketball that's floating around the sun, who are too afraid to allow themselves to FEEL" - Edward Van Halen
    "Van Halen was never about the singer..." - a very wise fan.
    "Embrace the past. Live in the moment but keep your eyes on the future, and keep on moving forward..." - Richie Sambora



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