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Thread: FIFA World Cup

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    If I may rub in some more salt...

    England: "Football's coming home!"
    Football: "No, thanks. I'll stay in the EU..."

    But, in all earnest, The Lions did play well, and they surely will be in the playoff rounds in 2020 and 2022 if they keep their act and team together.

    Different to what was expressed earlier, I don't think you need a stand-out / stand-alone hot-shot player. Most of the teams with those central figures (Ronaldo/Portugal, for example) packed and went home early. It is a team sport and you don't need one perfect player, you need 11 very good team-players that know how to play as one. And Southgate seems to be a great coach for building such a team.

    Something I really liked was that after the Croatia-England match the fans were singing the anthem and applauding their team that had just lost. I've seen different behavior with alot of hate and frustration in past world cups against the English team. Glad that it was so very different this time.
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