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    08.23.19 @ 11:28 AM
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    Quote Originally Posted by japeape View Post
    It would be like Led Zeppelin tackling "Two tickets to Paradise," after Eddie Money joins the band.
    As long as that Freakazoid daughter of his was onstage, I'd be cool with it...

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    08.23.19 @ 03:05 PM
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    Quote Originally Posted by EJC View Post
    I always thought the "solo" spots were to give the other members of the band 5 minute breaks throughout the set...
    Dave doesn't do solo songs, but he has/had a pretty long intro to Ice Cream Man that gives the 3 VHs a chance to take a piss and have a quick burrito or something.
    And a root beer float?
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    07.14.19 @ 09:50 PM
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    Quote Originally Posted by VH1988 View Post
    I don’t get the gate for Eagles Fly.

    That’s a beautiful tune.

    I preferred it just Sammy acoustic over the full band treatment. It was his solo spot. Why should the other guys take solos but he shouldn’t have?

    I’d certainly rather see that then “Ultra Bass”. Lol
    If there's gonna be acoustic playing it should've been VH stuff.
    They already played two other Sam songs....he doesn't need anymore solo time.

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