I'm aghast to say it's been 3 years since I last posted a video. I can't believe it's been that long. I want to get back into it and at least complete the initial set of vids I had planned (including Parra's Rainbow in the Dark, Tipton's Reckless and Jake E Lee's Mr Crowley).

Video Editing
Thing is I am a PC philistine and need your help. I used to use Windows Movie Maker but they updated it and made it practically unusable so I need something intuitive and easy to use. The old WMM was drag and drop and then drag the file to synch up and to expand or reduce the amount of screen/audio time the file got. The downside is that was all it could do and I want to be able to add decent titles/graphics, overlay images over the video, insert picture in picture) and I want it freeware. And it absolutely has to be as click and play as possible - no steep learning curves.

Audio Recording
The next thing I need help with is recording. I don't want to fanny about with compression and all that studio gobbledegook. The most I want to do is get a crisp sound (aka: what comes out of my amp when I play), alter volume and fade in/out as required. I was using Presonus on my old laptop but my new one doesn't have a CD drive so I can't install the software. (I don't even know where the disc is). I now have a THR 10X and I can supposedly line out straight into my DAW so hopefully that will erase the problems I had last time having to use the Presonus box thingy which muddied my sound up, requiring me to set a really thin and trebly tone to compensate.

Backing Tracks
For the times when I don't have access to a decent pro-level backing track and need to create my own - which I'm gonna have to do anyway for the planned instructional videos - I have no idea what to do. I don't have midi software nor can I program a drum machine to save my life. I also have no interest in the steep learning curve required. I just want to be able to create a track - like I do in Guitar Pro 5 - set an instrument to it and then have it sound realistic rather than the shitty sound midi files create when played on a computer.

So I need your suggestions. Software needs to be freeware or <$60. And being easy to use and eay to use out of the box is imperative. Cheers in advance.