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    09.19.19 @ 05:10 PM
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    Default New Bass + Hope for Rock's Future

    I just made my own Christmas: behold my new Squier Affinity Jazz Bass! In recording my own songs at home (which I hope you'll hear sometime) the soundfonts I was using weren't blending in to the mix very well, and the MIDI bass lines were sounding lifeless. So I got this thing for a pretty small amount to fill the gap. I wanted a Jazz because one of the coolest moments in bass history is when the spotlight fades up on John Paul Jones' guitar in "Dazed and Confused" on TSRTS. Though cheap, from what I understand this is made of real maple yet it is incredibly lightweight, and when plugged into my mixer, it makes the "Barney Miller" sound, which is what I wanted!

    What was great was the guy who was selling it's son said that at his high school they have a "lunchtime discussion group" where "all we talk about is `80's rock." I was thrilled! I said I could lead the discussion because I'm the real life Jack Black!

    What blew me away was this kid and his dad didn't seem to have ever seen "School of Rock." The kid started playing a Metallica track off the Black Album, and said he also plays along to AC/DC, soI asked if he was familiar with Led Zeppelin II? "The Lemon Song?" He wasn't! And neither was his pa! How about Live at Leeds? The Who? Never heard of it! WHAT?! I told him he HAD to hear John Entwistle! John Entwistle and JPJ will set the foundation for anything he ever does with a bass! (And much to my joy, despite not being a bass player, I was ripping some "Lemon Song" right there for them in the foyer!)

    The dad might have thought I was a pedo because before I left I wrote LZ II and Live at Leeds on the back of my card and told him to give that to his son and make sure he heard those records.

    I can see how it might be cool to be a mentor or teacher. Incredible to think the first time this aspiring bassist ever heard the name "John Entwistle" it was from me.

    And now, my Squier bass.

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    09.19.19 @ 05:47 PM
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    Very cool.

    The opening bass line to "Barney Miller" was awesome.
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    09.19.19 @ 05:24 PM
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    Love Jazz Basses. I'll be getting a Jap Fender Jazz soon-ish.
    Most rock journalism is people who can't write, interviewing people who can't talk, for people who can't read. - Frank Zappa



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