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    05.12.18 @ 08:41 AM
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    Just checkin out the 100 greatest moments of rock and roll on TV, on vh1. Many of you know already, that Americas favorite band made an appearance at #88, maybe some of you dont. Thats why I put this in the Main Vein

    I had thoughts. Sometimes I like to share them. Hear is some that came straight from the Lazy-boy, directly to you. Gee, aintcha glad

    Of all the Greatest Rock and Roll moments that have been captured, Van Halen "re-uniting" with David Lee Roth got spot #88. Spot #88 of all the Greatest moments captured......That was just a few moments of air time routed around the introduction of Beck to recieve a music award. Just a few moments that was not even on Prime Time on a major network. Sorry, but that is pretty friggin astounding. Yeah, it went a little wierd. Yeah, there is debate as to what the hell happened afterward. Yeah, yeah. The boys met up for 3 minutes to intro an award. Folks, THAT was #88.

    Now, I think of the NUMOROUS topics started about "How will =vh= be recieved?", "Will the new album sell records?" Comments like (and mind you, there are not many around here) "I think they blew it with that whole thing, people will not go for them now" or "Will =vh= be able to recover from vhIII?".....Are you kiddin me? Nostalgia band, farewell tour etc.....You MUST be kidding me.

    #88 on Greatest rock moments captured, and it was for about 3 minutes or whatever. We are now talking about that whole thing actually coming together to make an album, and what I speculate to be, a pretty damn large tour. Oh boy. Let there be NO DOUBT, this is going to be a BFD! I truly believe that this reunion (oh come on, do any of you still REALLY doubt the rumours), is going to make some pretty damn fine history man. I am SO F#@#$*G STOKED! And we WILL be lucky enough to witness this great event in Rock and Roll. Coming soon to an arena near you! Now the million $ question: Define soon

    sheepa latta peepah dabba looka foh a moopy


    (this message will self destruct in 5 seconds)

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    04.17.08 @ 09:08 PM
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    Who knows maybe the REAL REUNION will hit the top 10!!!

    Van Halen Burning the Stage Forever!!!

    Having a bad day? Well VAN HALEN has been formulated to wipe those bad day blues Away!
    Hide your sheep? What about Little Bo Peep?

    'Dave, how will I know that I've made it?' I tell 'em, 'When you can spell 'subpoena' without thinking about it, you made it'



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