Just had to share the news of a new family member. I added an Eastman T-486 Thinline loaded with Wolfetone Legends to the collection last night. I honestly had never given Eastman much thought before but had been thinking about a semi-hollow for awhile and ran across this one at a local shop used at a good price. I had been looking at 335s but the price tag was difficult to accept. Ephiphone Casinos and Dots were a possibility, but I just could not find one that spoke to me. I have to tell you if you are looking for a quality semi at a good price take a look at Eastman. Only spent about an hour playing it, but just could not put it down long enough to even change the strings. The depth, richness and clarity of the Wolfetones absolutely blows me away. The ebony fret board is like glass. Not going to be doing much shredding on this one, but I have other gits for that. Besides just sharing the news, I am wondering if anyone else has experience with Eastmans or Wolfetone pickups and what your thoughts are.