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Please explain how poor decisions =income inequality. Maybe we need to truly define income inequality as there are Miriad reasons why I donít have equal income to most of my pier group. My poor decisions may indeed cost me/my family. In my screwed up mind we should all start from the same line understanding we canít all finish first. But we all have the same opportunity to.
Income equality is basically the income difference between the top and bottom of the population. And how large those groups are. The main reason this has become a bigger issue in recent years is because the number of people at the bottom of the spectrum has gotten larger. This is why the whole living wage movement has grown. I'd argue the main driver of income inequality is the growing percentage of unmarried people with kids. That number has spiked in the past few decades and with it so has income inequality. In Canada the average family income in 2 parent families is 2.5 times that of single parent families. In a nutshell, income inequality is basically a non issue for people who get married and stay married.

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