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    09.16.19 @ 03:33 PM
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    Quote Originally Posted by we die young View Post
    Not Mike, but years ago, one of my best friends was heading downtown when VH were playing in Vancouver for the FUCK tour a day or two before the show by bus.
    He was sitting on one of the side facing seats, and he sees this dude that kinda looks like Alex sitting in the seat behind the rear door. Well, when he stood up to get off, he was like "Okay....that guy looks wayyy too much like Alex!" Well the guy got a glimpse of my friend gawking at him, and my buddy kinda gestured like "You him???"
    Best part....He held his finger to his mouth like "Shhhh!", gave him that trademark toothy smile and hopped off.

    Guess he was just exploring the town.....He's always apparently been into sightseeing, and getting to know the towns they play in.
    Can't remember if it was on the Links, but I know another guy had ran into Alex in a similar fashion, but on a light rail line, and another guy ran into Mike at an amusement park in the mid west somewhere with his family.
    He was totally cool....Other people spotted him, and he happily signed autographs. Mike's always seemed real approachable.

    Alex....Not so much, doesn't engage fans so readily, but will at least acknowledge when someone recognizes him...Isn't a dick.....Just likes his privacy, and to be able to do what he wants without being inundated with fans hounding him.
    That is like Kramer seeing Joe DiMaggio in Dinky Donuts.

    Cool story about Alex!!
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    09.03.19 @ 02:20 PM
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    My wife and I ran into Janine and Cody at the BB&T nj show in 2015. She was very nice and we were talking about Cody before some drunk guy recognized her as well came over and said "Thanks for fixing up our man! Can I get a picture with you?" She gave us a look of "oh my god" excused herself and we said goodbye. The dude even tried to tail her before security picked up on him. We felt bad for her. I then realized why Eddie has treated some fans the way he has. That guy was a whack job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bklynboy68 View Post
    You should have just said Hi. You never know, man. I ran into Janick Gers at the Mall and he stopped to chat after I just said "Hi Janick".
    I ran into Jack Nicholson at LAX airport a few years ago. I was about to say, "Hi Jack", but I didn't want to get arrested by the TSA.
    "It's so lonely at the top because it's so crowded at the bottom" - Diamond David Lee Roth

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