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    Quote Originally Posted by ArtyBoy View Post
    Here's a famous example of not famous people: Seduce! In Decline II I thought they came across the best of the unknown bands. They managed to squeak by without making fools of themselves like Odin and London. I've looked at a lot of their stuff on YouTube, and they still play in Detroit and seem to have a big fan base there. The guitar player really tears it up. It's all pentatonic, but he's great at it.

    One obvious problem is they had poof hair and eyeshadow just as that was going out. The funny thing is in some of their early Detroit pictures they have leather jackets and no hairspray, which fits their sound a lot better. (They even covered Moterhead back in 1981!) Also the name Seduce is lame in itself and doesn't fit the music at all. But they had potential, so why didn't someone who knew a little better give them some direction? They can't think of everything! Did someone try and they wouldn't listen?

    they were big here (Detroit area), they released stuff locally and had it played on the radio, I think they played some of the bigger festivals here over the summer (more like a carnival setting really).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad to the Bone View Post
    there are about 4-5 songs by Billy Squier that I just think are outstanding. I remembered reading that when Gene Simmons tried to get VH signed by Casablanca records, Bill Aucion (sp) passed on them and decided he was going to sign the next big thing-in his opinion-a band named Piper who's lead singer and main song writer happened to be Billy Squier. I finally managed to get the 2 disks Piper put out just because I really wanted to hear them and see if they were as good as Aucoin said, the first record was reviewed by Rolling Stone (I think that's where this quote is from) and it was called 'the best debut record by an American hard rock band of all time"....

    anyway, here's the first song from the first record, it's not great but not bad at all:

    and certainly not as good as anything on the first VH record.



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