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    Default 1984 Tour Soundboard/Largo?

    This has REAL soundboard clips of Girl Gone Bad, 1984 and most of Jump. Skip to 0:55 secs where it starts finally. Does anyone have any more information about this or a potential film since it is supposedly Largo? Many SBDs and pro films from the Largo venue exist (maybe lots of the audio comes from hoarded films?). Many thanks!

    Also the only other known soundboard audio from the 1984 Tour is really the audio to the encore Growth/Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love from the Lost Weekend show (forget location) that can be heard here starting around the 1 minute mark. Also notice the flanger on the geetar which he didn't really use if at all on the Diver Down tour. Sound cool!:

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    According to the Pacific Titles Vault list, Ed Van Halen has the Largo, MD 3-25-1984 show on VHS.

    Possibly Dave had access to a few clips and he added them to his DAVETV stuff.

    pic here:

    FFoner (Greg R) did a great write up on these unreleased shows VH has in the VAULT.
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