I think the problem is that you are playing at bedroom levels. I know when I put the 5150 OD in front of my 5150 LBXII or my Peavey Classic 20 at low volume, it doesn't sound as good as when you get it up on the amp volume. It totally changes the tone of the pedal when you get some volume on the amp. Have to go into the clean channel in the front of the amp, not in the loop.

Another thing I've noticed is that the type of amp matters a lot when using the 5150 OD. Put it in front of a Blues Jr, and it kind of sounds not awesome. Put it in front of the clean channel of a Deluxe Reverb or HRD, and it sounds amazing. The clean channel has to be very clean. The closer you get to the edge of breakup on it, the muddier it gets. There is a sweet spot on the input gain of the clean channel where the pedal sounds it's very best, which seems to be right before the clean channel starts to break up.

I suspect the BE-OD is similar to my experiences with the 5150 OD.