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    Talking Couple Judas Priest British Steel Covers

    Yes these are both super easy to play, it's hard to find good full Priest backing tracks that are all separated. I don't like using ones where I can't change the individual backing instruments. I actually did "Breaking The Law" a while ago but wasn't happy with it, so I fixed a few things and now it sounds a lot better. "Living After Midnight" literally took me less than an hour to do completely, so easy, but fun to play. I know they're nothing technical, but I do love the British Steel album, I wish there was just a better selection of backing tracks for them. Like I love "Metal Gods" and "The Rage" but there's no good backing tracks for them out there with singing, etc. I like to do covers that way.

    I'm also working on "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" which I know really well anyway because my band does it, and there's a good backing track for it, so that one is next to finish.

    But enjoy these.

    Living After Midnight

    Breaking The Law
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