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    08.15.17 @ 09:25 PM
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    I don't agree with sitting for the anthem. I realize it's a way to protest the inequities (which are many) but that's not the place.
    This is your lively hood. There's a reason the NFL started this tradition. Including patriotism and the military was a planned move.
    It helped grow the game. Dissing it only hurts the game, and ultimately, players pockets.

    What else are these guys doing? I just see this as an easy way for them to protest. You don't see them in the streets, they're not uniting players together for summits, they're not mobilizing on line.
    Sit for the anthem, send out a tweet and they're dun. MLK would be less than impressed.

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    08.16.17 @ 12:22 PM
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    My big problem with the whole protest of the national anthem is that I enjoy football. Its a time for me to escape so I can curse at my shitty Cleveland Browns (that said I do think they are on the right track) and see them lose year after year. I enjoy fantasy football as well so like to check out other games as well as I root for my players. I like NFL news, rumors, etc

    If I want to hear about injustice in the world or this country, I certainly can find other avenues for people to educate me on that. I don't want to read or actually witness it while I am trying to get away from life for a bit. I mean its hard to escape the world as it is. Let me enjoy some of it

    BTW a guy kneeling in the national anthem is going to change somebodys mind about as quickly as a bumper sticker on a car



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