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    Review: Maplewood, Minnesota, 23 June 2001

    If you got through my first review…here's the 2nd ramble… [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]

    I flew from KC to MN on the morning of June 23rd…checked into my hotel, then left for the concert. I arrived just as Great White was finishing…I don’t know who played first. The place was really jumping!

    Warrant played next. I decided to try to get close to the stage to get some pics for a good friend…and try my new camera out at the same time. They were pretty good live. During their set, I decided that I would be in the front row when Dave came on…I was DETERMINED this was gonna happen!

    So I devised a plan…after Warrant’s set was over, I would go across the street to the mall and cool down…it was very hot at the concert. I had it timed perfectly. Blue Oyster Cult was up next (who cares???), then Jackal, then Dave. I decided I would work my way to the front while Jackal’s crew was setting up…then I’d be ready for Dave.

    Went to the mall and had the Warrant pictures immediately developed to see if my camera was operating correctly. I got the pics back and flipped…the camera is outstanding!

    When I went back to the concert, there were about twice as many people there as before. I didn’t think I would be able to get to the front. I slowly navigated my way past the drunks, and I got about 4 rows back while Jackal’s crew set up. By the time they came on stage, I was in the 2nd row. Just FYI…I don’t know 1 Jackal song, but they put on a great live show…

    After Jackal left the stage, I made my move and got in the front…and I attached myself to the barricade…nobody was gonna get me to move!!! I was right in front of Bart’s set-up.

    Finally the show started…I didn’t think it could get any better the second night, but seeing Dave even closer than before was UNBELIEVABLE!

    Again, they played the same set list with the exception of Yankee Rose and DOA. But Dave did things differently than the first night…different stories, etc.

    His voice was PERFECTION again!!!

    The crowd went absolutely ballastic…as did I !! In fact, my voice is nowhere to be found right now…I screamed my ass off and had the best time ever.

    I popped off four rolls of film…and am hoping to be able to share them with you soon. They came out FANTASTIC!!

    I cannot say this enough…if Dave comes even remotely close to your town…you must go see him! Dave is in perfect condition and definitely proves why he is a Rock God.

    Dave, if you read this…your belligerent enthusiasm is definitely contagious! Thanks for the great memories you have given me. It’s all good… [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

    See ya in Vegas….

    I posted 5 pictures at the DLR Army so you can see Dave for yourself...
    "My belligerent enthusiasm is as optimistic as ever" - DLR

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    Cool man! All these reviews and talk about the shows is making my ass itching for a road trip. Glad to hear Dave is back to putting on a burly show. Out.

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