I was wondering if anyone has or currently uses a guitar modular like an AxeFX or Line6 Helix in a live situation?

I currently use a 5150 III 50w with a 2x12 but recent back issues has me thinking there has to be a lighter and easier way to get a great sound without hauling an amp around.

I was thinking I could use the Axe FX II or Line6 Helix and run it through the PA and monitors and still get a decent sound but I haven't heard of anyone doing this. Was that because it's not a good idea or like me, people just love the sound and feel of a real tube amp?

Any advice from others who struggle with back issues or just want to lighten the load. I even thought about moving to the EVH 1/12 cab or 1/12 combo but would that be enough? I do mic my cab when playing live so I'm not worried about volume.