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    05.02.18 @ 06:46 AM
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    Default New Guitar Tricks Insider Magazine with Ed

    In the new Guitar Tricks Insider Magazine (electronic version) there's a piece on Eddie. On page 25, he mentions sawing his tremolo in half so that only the E, B, and G strings are affected when using the trem. I seem to recall him saying something similar years ago about the Bigsby tremolo on a Gibson 335 he had, but this is written as if he's talking about his Fender tremolo. Anyone know what he's talking about??

    I can't seem to post a link to the seems to redirect to a subscription site. However, when you're on Facebook search for posts by Guitar For The Practicing Musician. They posted a link to the magazine the other day.

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    05.23.18 @ 02:38 PM
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    I remember reading that in 1984/85, in The Life and Times of Edward Van Halen, a 20 page feature in Guitar World magazine.

    Shows Ed's penchant & genius in a way that hasn't been talked about too much...
    He could be talking about the same guitar in both interviews, or he simply could've gotten the details confused. It's happened before.

    I think it's certainly possible that Ed may have tried the same "sawing the bridge in half" trick on both a Gibson and a Fender. It's not like Ed just tinkered with one, or a few, guitars - he tinkered with all of them!
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    05.18.18 @ 05:41 AM
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    I always wondered what Ed was talking about when he said he cut a Bigsby in half to only affect certain strings, just simply based on the fact it's based on a spring loaded rotating shaft design. Cutting it in half...I don't see how he could make it work as it would all just flop forward in the middle unless he somehow added some kind of retainer/bearing to hold the cut ends in place.

    A standard Strat trem, I could totally see him doing this as it's on pivot posts (the six screws), so if he cut through the plate and the toneblock, that's far more practical. Still three screws in line handling load equally so no abnormal deflection to deal with.

    I know we all know what each unit looks like, but for practicality sake, I posted the pics so you can see how he could have feasibly or not so feasibly he employed this method.

    These two aside, he could have actually been thinking about this Gibson design originally.

    This is the Maestro Vibrato, a very simple design which some people wrongly label as (including Eddie at one point) the Vibrola, which is far more complex and is viewed below, and could not be cut at all an function. They take up the same real estate on the guitar, but that's where it ends.

    As you can see, it's like comparing a Steinberger Trans-Trem to an R- Trem. Fully mechanical, vs. a fairly simple spring.. They are night and day in complexity.

    Of all these designs, I'm pretty confident two of them could have been done in the way he described...The Strat trem, and the Maestro.
    The others rely on the connection to opposing structure to even stay together.
    It's Eddie were talking about of course, and he's admitted to bending truth in the early days anyway. I have no doubt he did it. There's a German artist in the late eighties (name escapes me now), but he did this to a standard Fender Strat trem too.
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