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    01.31.18 @ 01:52 AM
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    Face it,

    MTV for the last 10 years of so has been ANYTHING but an outlet for music. Ever since Viacom bought them out as their parent company the main goal of eMpTy teleVision is not to put on good music, or give exposure to new and talented artists regardless of what music these artists play.
    eMpTy teleVision main goal is to sell to the the age group of 13-19. If you look at the daily programing schedule for eMpTy teleVision it is littered with nonsense like the Real World, Road Rules, The Blame Game, Say What?, TRL, House of Style, and 2Gether. They devote 4 hours out of a 24 hour broadcast to any "music" and those times are when people are not watching. that is between 4:30AM to 7:00AM.
    If I were eMpTy teleVision I wouldn't cater to a audience that is growing old. I would look towards these young kids and soak them for all they have. That means, not playing videos, not plugging bands, and groups they helped build MTV. When was the last time you heard the words MTV and Duran Duran? What about Rod Stewart? Where is Lita Ford on MTV? Even Ozzy, the Crue, Bon Jovi who were staples to MTV in the 80's and 90's are nowhere to be found. You can also say that for Pearl Jelly/cream/jam, Nirvana, STP, and AIC who were in heavy rotation in the early 90's. No support even though PJ has a new record, Nirvana has a boxed set coming out and Dave Grol has the foo fighters (an excellent band)...
    The point is that MTV is pop culture now. It has always been pop culture. Just now they cater to far less music. And when they do play music it is what the kids like now. N'Suck, Titney Spears, The Backside boys and M&M's are all the now in thing. Just two years ago the Spice Whores were the hot thing. Where are they now? I think Skanky Spice has a solo album but MTV isn't supporting her.
    What it ultimately comes down to is that when MTV was in on in the Early 80's to 90's they supported bands who had some substance. But now MTV creates the "bands" and then delivers them to the public. That is why bands like VH, Aerosmith, Notallentca, Bon Jovi, the Crue, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, and the list goes on still have a substanctial following. It is because they earned their fans and worked hard to get them, while N'Suck and the others are the flavor of the day.
    So ask yourself this, if you were empty tv, would you market a band that is "tired" and not viewed as "in" even though they are quality, or would you back the latest flavor of the month. I think I would back the latest flavor. Since MTV is not about music anymore it is about well selling shit to kids.


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    05.12.18 @ 09:00 PM
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    True statement but a sad one at that.

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    I agree...a very true, but nontheless sad statement.

    MTV started out to go against the "establishment". Now they are the "establishment."

    And now they suck.
    Fuck the establishment.

    (You know...if you say establishment over and over enough times, it begins to sound really wierd.)

    "Its a dog eat dog world, and I'm wearing Milkbone underwear."



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